Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dawn Correspondence

I can't say enough about this Great Shop and Owner Amanda Day. Amanda is simply amazing between her creative designs, phenomenal customer service, and positive outlook on life and her business. She's simply a joy to work with.

I have purchased the above Mini Thanks Yous to place in my new customer orders. Each one that has been used as resulted in a customer calling me back thanking me for the adorable little addition to their order.

Because of the high quality work with the Mini Thank Yous, I felt more than confident in asking Amanda to create a personalized birthday card for a special 2 year old. Amanda took up the challenge and surpassed my expectations. She not only made it personalized but made it fit the theme of the party extremely well. Just off of my pathetic description. The card touched the parents and they are including it in the child's scrapbook. Something they didn't do with several of the other cards they received. hee hee

Again because of Amanda being so great to work with and fast timing I referred her to my niece. She has both my great niece and nephew in a Scouts program. Every year they participate in the respective cookie and popcorn sales for their organization. Every year she has them write thank yous to the people who purchase from them.

This year a black cloud of defeat loomed on the horizon. See my great nephew has a neurological condition that is progressive. It has progressed a bit faster than expected in his arms/hands. The recommendation from the medicals was to start transitioning the child to typing and saving the handwriting to critical things like paying bills and signing contracts. It looked like the annual tradition of thanking customers for their purchases was in jeopardy.

Enter our heroine, Amanda Day of Dawn Correspondence. She quickly and amazingly created mini thank yous for my great nephew. She included all the pertinent information Thank You, the message he used to hand-write, and his name. To top it off she used the Scouting colors. While they were simple in looks they contained a certain heartfelt boyish charm. Many of his customers where positively impressed with Amanda's creation. A few even thought it was wonderful how she captured his signature so well. ;) (Yes, they were quite elderly.)

Anyways, here are two comments about Amanda's work:

From my great nephew's mother: My 10 year old son used Amanda's custom mini cards to thank each person who ordered BSA popcorn from him. What made these cards so special is that Amanda made it look like he signed each one. My son has muscular dystrophy and its progressed to the point that handwriting is incredibly frustrating. To have to physically sign 75 cards would have driven both of us to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Thanks to Amanda he was able to carry out the tradition of thanking his customers without the tears and struggle it could have been and has been in the past. Amanda is a pleasure to work with. We look forward to repeating this next year and for the rest of his BSA career. You can shop her store with complete confidence that your order will be treated as if it's the only one she has to do. Her turn around is superb especially given the size and short time frame. She is a delight to do business with and more business could take a leaf from her book on customer satisfaction.

From great niece: I can't wait for Cookie sales to begin. I plan on asking if Amanda will do my thank yous, too. Everyone liked my brothers and commented on how nice they were. I want to offer that, too.

From the three shopping experiences that I have had at Dawn Correspondence. It is with heartfelt thanks and complete satisfaction that I can say the following:

Amanda is a super person to do business with. She's very talented and creative. She knows her stuff and what she creates is just WOW! Her turn around time is superb. Her attitude is extremely positive. She handles curves and challenges with a smile. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next as well as using her store for my correspondence needs.

Dawn Correspondence products can be found at:

Art Fire


Be sure to get your holiday correspondence and personalized paper good gift items the weekend after Thanksgiving! I will be offering FREE worldwide shipping on all purchases, excluding sale items and wedding correspondence, November 27-30.

*Again wanted to draw positive attention to Dawn Correspondence and encourage others to get products simply based on the positive experience of the purchase made by us.


  1. great write up! Amanda is everywhere! woohoo lol

  2. WOW. That's all I can say. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the extremely sweet write-up. I am SO incredibly honored to have such amazing customers! You guys make me smile every day! xoxo

  3. Amanda has helped me with several projects and I agree whole-heartedly with everyone~~she is THE BEST!

  4. YAY!!! Amanda's work is fantastic and I'm thrilled to have met her and the other wonderful UWIB talents!