Monday, June 22, 2009

Customer Profiles....

Something that helps to really helps to build a relationship with your customer can be as easy as starting and maintaining a customer profile. Always reassure your customer that information shared will go no farther than yourself.

Everyone should have at least the very basic profile information of:
Phone #
Preferred way to be contacted: Email Phone
Preferred day & time to call:

By having this information you will be able to better communicate with your customers. You will know when and how they prefer to be contacted. Thus eliminating your procrastinating on calling them because your not sure if it's too late or too early or what day they are available for a phone call. It also allows for you to email them when and if the cause arrives.

Another nice thing about your basic customer profile is that you can take and use it for drawings. You might add to it a bit by adding recruiting information for growing your team. Simply put a yes, no, maybe line asking if they would like more information about doing what you do.

If you have a plan of action for your business that involves birthdays and/or anniversaries. Add a spot for recording them on your contact file. Make it clear why your doing so. Ex. Ms. ___. Every month I put a special drawing together of my customer's names who have a birthday in the month for a ___ special (10% off an order of certain size, free gift, some perk that isn't offered to regular customers during the month). Let them know that they don't have to participate if they don't want to. That the year isn't necessary just the month and day.

Remember to send a birthday or anniversary greeting to everyone who opts into your club whether they win the prize or not.

Another part of your customer profile should be company specific. What does your company offer that is noteworthy? Is it a scent, a product line, a favorite flavor? Is it for specific needs? Are there allergies to be concerned about?

By tailoring to your company and customer preferences what notes you keep, you can grow your sales. If you know that something is coming up on sale or is being discontinued you can alert your customer. If you know a particular product that the customer likes or a scent that they like you can create a special just for that customer appreciation gift or sale. If you learn that your customer is allergic to something ex. wheat, eggs, strawberries, latex, SPF or some other ingredient in your product line then you can politely discourage them from purchasing something that would be dissatisfying to them therefore reducing your likelihood of losing sales in in the future, having disgruntle customer, or being hit with expensive returns.

Also when your customer orders if you make a notation that they ordered x on ___ date and it's a highly consumable product like a body lotion, face cream, makeup, tea light candle, type of beverage or food product, etc. You could then at some point in the future send them a post card or email to inquire about a reorder.

The time frame as to when to contact them will depend on the item they ordered. A bath product that should last 8 weeks might mean that you would contact them at 6 weeks with a reorder reminder. That way the new item gets to them just as the old one is running out. After awhile you will see a pattern and will know when and who to contact in regards to your product line and seasonal products. Every April we begin reminding people about Sunscreen and Bug protection from mosquitoes. Then come May the customers are ready with their orders for these products.

Below is an example customer profile for beauty or skin care clients another for candles

Customer Profile

Phone #
Preferred time to call:

Skin Care
Skin type
Dry Oily Normal Mature

Special Concerns
Break outs sensitivity allergies Lines/Wrinkles
Photo damage Age spots Lack of firmness Others

Color Preference
Beige brown Coarls reds pinks roses mauves berries

Light Dark Medium

Sensitivity to ingredients:

Special Notes:

Phone #
Preferred time to call:

Favorite Scent:
Least Favorite Scent:

Type of Wax: Soy Paraffin Blend

Type of Candle: taper tea light pillar votive



smelly jelly

wax dipped

Special Notes:

Feel free to use these as guidelines for creating your own.

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