Friday, February 5, 2010

Coming Soon: Guests

Hello, I'm TDFIRMOAFM and I'm a recipe collector.

I was asked to share something that someone may not know about me. Something that is often over looked but that I really enjoy doing. It took some time and deep soul searching to come up with an answer. I enjoy many things. But one that many people don't really grasp is that I like to collect recipes.

Many of the recipes I have come from people I met for one reason or another. Those reasons caused the chance meeting to turn into a beautiful friendship, that naturally led to swapping recipes. Other recipes come from odd sources such as magazines I used to read, newsletters from schools and organizations, and get togethers. A home ec class that I took or someone else took. A few come from cookbooks that have been passed on to me by friends and family or found at various tag sales, friends of the library sales, etc.

I have found that a quick way to break the ice and become better friends with others is through the discussion of food. Often I have been at a function where I've been assigned to sit with people I don't know. As my anxiety of the unknown raged, often a discussion would start innocently regarding a food or drink that was or wasn't being offered or the simple remark of "Gee,wish I would have eaten before I came". This would then lead to opinions being shared and the ice of unknown being shattered. I could relax enough to not be as anxious because suddenly there was a common denominator of food amongst us.

Anyways, that is why the odd recipe or many appear through out the pages of my ramblings. Often I am given a recipe that is so interesting that I just have to share it. This has caused the question to be asked of "why do you post recipes to your blog without a comment about how you enjoyed the recipe?" The reason is because I haven't tried the recipe personally. I am either excited to share it with others cause its interesting and may help them come up with something to enjoy or it's because of more personal reasons such as a food allergy or lack of resources to get the ingredients. After all I have a few recipes that the only place that I can get the ingredients for them is to travel over 12 hours one way to a place with the known ethnic venue. Not very advantageous to trying to make those recipes.

So what does the above have to do with the announcement of Guests?

Over the last  two years I have had the privilege to meet many wonderful artisans and small business owners through various online venues.  We have been interacting now to the point that we are sharing not only what's for ___(dinner, lunch, breakfast, holidays). But a few have even shared recipes for x to help out ___ with y.

So my guests that will appear here will  be sharing about their business ventures and a recipe that has special meaning to them. And I think that you will find as I have that while we may all be similar in some things and completely different in others; food is a very real and common bond that we have.

So who will it be? Just wait and see....

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