Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween by Beverly J Anderson

Halloween is the night that brings
Such spooky eerie kinds of things . . .

As witches flying through the air
And howling goblins everywhere.

Candle-lit pumpkins grinning with glee,
Blinking their eyes, mysteriously.

A gold moon shining weirdly down
On skeletons dancing through the town.

Ragged hobos tramping about
Filling their sacks with handouts no doubt.

Whistling winds blowing through the trees,
A sudden chill appears in the breeze.

Jet-black cats flashing eyes of green,
Screeching owls acting restless and mean.

Dark shadows creeping in the night
Giving scarecrows a bit of a fright.

Haunting ghosts are everywhere, too,
Tapping on windows, then shouting, “Boo!”

But no matter how scary the scene,
The fact is . . . children love Halloween!

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