Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Halloween Again by Eleanor Elkins

Halloween is here again
With golden pumpkins all about;
Goblins now will come a-spying,
Witches through the air a-flying,
Funny faces we'll be buying;
At dark of night we'll all go out.

Halloween is here again . . .
Autumn leaves come tumbling down,
Black cats will slink about tonight,
The moon will shed an eerie light;
"Trick or treat" will bring delight
From every house in town.

We all look forward to the time 
When Halloween is here,
Owls will hoot high in the trees
And we will brave the chilly breeze
That heralds winter's coming freeze . . .
October's time of year.

So join me on this special night
When ghostlike shapes are seen;
We'll duck for apples, spin the pan,
Play blindman's buff and tag our man,
Pull taffy, fragrant, golden tan . . .
This night of Halloween.

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