Saturday, August 22, 2009

Educational Opportunities...

For Those Who Might Consider Home Schooling Or Who Might Want to Provide Something Educational for their Child(ren) to do....

Here is a site that is very interesting."

You do have to join the program. Once a week you get an email from the Erskine Family listing the free items available for that week. You then click on the link in the email and go to today's date and get today's resource. The nice thing about the email is you can then pick which resources to get and which ones to avoid.

The items might be an ebook, a scanned book turned into a PDF, a video, an audio recording (mp3),

They may relate to a theme (gardening), event (election), seasonal (one of the 4 seasons or Christmas, Easter...)

I have found them to be an interesting addition to lessons, to have something to do for rainy day or sick quiet activity time, road trips, etc. I can't wait to do American History because of the great resource involving Paul Revere.

May this be of help to you.

Another great resource

The secret to my sanity when it comes to doing reports when some form of school type report is needed.

There are 2 versions of the program a basic free program and then a plus paid version. To see the difference between the two check here

The free program is free forever and is updated regularly. The plus is a one time payment amount which regular free updates.

The people who created this program are AWESOME!!!! They have superb customer service. I started with their free version (basic or HST) and it made a huge difference in my ability to stay on track with our school year. I have since upgraded to the paid version (plus or HST+.

In the time I have used their program, I can say I have been nothing but impressed. Sure there's a bit of a learning curve but when isn't there with new software programs? How many software programs out there do you get to interact with the creators? How many do you get responses to your questions or problems or issues in as little as 5 minutes from the owner? This has been my experience on the few times that I have had a problem with the program. I send an email direct to the support center and have always gotten the response back extremely quick in under 5 minutes to the longest wait I've had of 15 minutes. There is also a forum that has an excellent response time for guidance on how to use the program.

Every year the program is updated for FREE. And when it's updated there are question and answer sessions to help those who use the program get familiar with the changes. If there are glitches they are fixed in a timely manner and updates for them are available ASAP. I've not seen this kind of support for any other home school lesson planning/tracking software program. Especially with the price of FREE!

I just wanted to mention this to those who may not know about the program but who are looking for a better way to organize their school year.

A great site that has to do with Notebooking is called Notebooking Pages. Even if your not going to home school you can find a use for these great pages.

Notebooking Pages has some great Freebie pages. Like to play suduko? there are some sheets in the Free Math section. Want some pages for information to be put on for you Fly Lady Control Journal or to help with planning your life. You can find those here too.

Just check out the following link:


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