Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Luna Wolf Mystical Essence (LWME) is a work at home mom company. Vicki Green is the owner.

LWME has many different products available for customers. There are candles, tarts, incense, tart warmers, candle holders, incense holders, room spray, soap, lotions, and herbal pillows to name a few. All scented products come with a large selection of scents to choose from. At the moment there are approximately 110 scents available.
LWME also has a layaway option and a Recycling plan.

Our Mystical Soy Candles are hand poured upon receipt of order unless it's a special scent we've poured in advance.

Burn Times: 8oz. candle will burn approx. 75-80 hours and 16oz candle will burn approx. 150-160 hours.

LunaWolf's Mystical Essence now offers a recycling program, which is our way of given back a bit to the earth.
We accept used candle jars, containers that can be used for candles.
The jars can be from our company or from any other you wish to send in.

For every box received, you will receive a gift voucher for a purchase at LunaWolf's. The vouchers will be determined based on the quality of the jars/containers as well as the quantity, and will range from $10-$20.

No limit on the amount of vouchers you can receive.

Each voucher is good for 1 year from date of box received.

We'll even do the cleaning, no need to clean them out before sending.

We at LunaWolf's Mystical Essence understand the importance of buying handmade but also of the current economy status of our nation. So, to help you be able to purchase our handcrafted products and shop LunaWolf's to support and promote Work at Home Mom's, we've created our Mystical Layaway program.

How it works:
Simply place your order using our shopping cart, choose the 'Mystical Layaway' option and provide your paypal email. We will invoice you for your 1st payment upon receipt of your order.

First payment is 30% of the order total.

We can then do 1 of 2 things with the remaining balance:

* You can pay the remaining balance 30 days from your first installment
* You can split up your remaining balance; 50% due 30 days from initial installment payment and the final payment due 30 days from the 2nd installment payment.

Your order will process and ship upon receipt of your final installment payment. Should you choose to cancel after making installment payment 1 -2, you will be refunding minus a 20% fee of the total amount paid.

LWME offer 2 tier choices in our affiliate program to suit all needs and goals.

To shop LWME fine products or to become an affiliate please visit

Please mention C Turtlez Oddz n Endz in the comments section ;)
Thank You,

Luna Wolf Mystical Essence www.cmp.ly/5/cntzik

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