Saturday, July 3, 2010


The Parade
Mildred L Morris

Here comes a parade
Marching down the street.
The people come from far and near
The sights to see, the band to hear--
An eager crowd has come to cheer . . . 
Here comes a parade.

Past the old town hall it comes,
Pause and listen . . .  hear the drums?
Hear the fife and hear the horn?
See the men in uniform?
Hear the children as they shout?
Wonder what it's all about?

Floating loftily before
In a most impressive manner
Move the stately stars and stripes
Of our own beloved banner,
Rising skyward as yon steeple,
Inspiration of the people.

What is this that passes o'er us
As our flag moves on before us?
This that stills a shouting crowd,
Softens voices harsh and loud?
this that thrills as it goes by,
Causing us to stop and sigh?

It is the spirit of our flag,
The truth for which it stands.
We are blest of all the nations
More free than other lands.
And with hearty gratitude
We pledge allegiance here to you.

Let us raise our hearts in prayer
Ever that your place be there . . .
At the head of each parade 
That is held in full array
In our own beloved land,
Accompanied by a marching band.

I Love a Parade!
Ruth B Maxim

I love a parade as down the street
Comes the roll of the drum, steady marching of feet;
Colors borne aloft, proudly carried on high,
Float out to the breeze gainst the blue of the sky.

Each unit disclosing, as nearer they come,
Its wholehearted purpose by the beat of the drums;
The band strikes up and each heart quicker beats
As awareness and meaning with emotion meets.

I gaze at the families gathered this day
To watch their own loved ones, intesnse and so gay;
How proudly they stand with a hand over heart,
As our colors pass by them, an integral part.

I love a parade as down the street
Comes the roll of the drum, steady marching of feet;
And I pray it may never, this  emotion so deep,
Cease to be a true symbol for our nation to keep.

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