Monday, July 19, 2010

Starting Holiday Shopping Early

It's that time of year the early bird shoppers are at it again. There's just something about the annual Christmas in July sales or maybe it's the heat that makes their minds go to colder weather or maybe the heat causes them to grasp at anything so they can go spend hours in air conditioned comfort at the mall, shopping center, or some store...  What ever it is it triggers the phone to ring (or emails or text messages) with requests from people wanting to know either what I want this year as holiday gifts, what I think ____ (insert name of person) might like, or where they could go to get ideas or some unique gift for the difficult person on their list.   With that in mind, I present you with some of my choices from the handmade artisans and smaller shops that I know.

Willow Walker Designs

The Vintage Diva

Studio DTQ


Linda Rose Originals

Skyline Candle Company

And yes, a few of these are items are what came to mind for those on my shopping list this year.


  1. What a great collection :-D

  2. Wow awesome collection! :) Thanks for including some of my multiple personalities LOL :) Plurkies rock :)