Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 New Year Goals

Here are my 2010 New Year Goals. Why goals? Because I want to get off the resolution/failure wheel I've been on for the last several years. Goals just sound more realistic, more exciting to do and successfully scratch off. Besides I've not started and failed at goals but I have with resolutions. With that said here is my small list of goals for 2010. There not really in a particular order and only numbered so that I could see that I came up with the correct number.

  1. Drink 1 mug of water daily

  2. Get active 3 times per week (Qigong, Taiji, Ttap, Walking)

  3. Drink 1 green tea a day.

  4. Regularly take vitamins daily not monthly.

  5. Cut drinking soda to ONLY when no other choice.

  6. Blog 2 times per week

  7. Find & Participate in 2 craft/vendor shows in 2010.

  8. Bake 1 special treat each month.

  9. Get brochures on a recurrent and regular cycle.

  10. Participate in 4 Charitable events in 2010

  11. List 1 new item in shop monthly.

  12. Have website C up in running by the end of June, 2010

  13. Have website M up in running by the middle of February, 2010

  14. Find 3 new products to add to website M.

  15. Get min of 1 sale at each site each month.

  16. Learn 3 new patterns

  17. Learn to take better pictures for shops.

  18. Pay off 1 credit card completely.

  19. Get out of debt by getting serious with debt snowball.

  20. Reach out of my comfort zone by participating in book reading with fellow PLURK friends.

  21. Not beat self up for being behind in reading of book since I will get a late start.

  22. Complete chakra work with family.

  23. Make HS before deadline in 3-2011

  24. Find a space for shop with good traffic, handicap accessible, 4 sections.

  25. Find graphic artist to make banners, buttons, logos.

  26. Keep better records- Medical, Financial, Customer, Inventory, Suppliers, etc.

  27. Say and show I really care to family and friends each opportunity that presents. No longer taking it for granted that there will be a next time.

  28. Clean out my closets and storage areas to remove unnecessary and stagnant items.

  29. Learn to play musical instrument.

  30. Learn to sew, crochet, knit, craft better by reaching outside of my comfort zone.

  31. Follow serving sizes on packages thus strengthening myself control and will power with treats.

  32. Meet and exceed quotas that have been established for me.

  33. Surround myself with positive and supportive friends who are in the work at home business.

  34. Seek out mentors who can assist in guiding me in my business ventures.

  35. Learn how to use Facebook.


  1. Wow, now that's a LIST! It's inspiring! Your last one....when you learn how to use facebook, I hope you friend me and fan my sewhappydesigns page!

  2. WOW what an awesome list!!! I can't wait to see the progress of these amazing goals - keep me posted and I'll help and encourage in any way I can!


  3. If you are serious about wanting a mentor type person, do let me know. :)