Saturday, January 23, 2010

Incredible Family Needs Our Assistance.

The Estes Family needs our help. There is a fundraiser that is going on now until January 29, 2010. You can learn more about it by clicking on the following: homeschool-sale-help-estes-family-in-need

In 2005 we became a home schooling family. Shortly after embarking on this new journey we were left searching for a way to help reinforce the lessons we were covering. We didn't want just rote memorization of facts but a deeper understanding of them. A friend recommend that we go to a site called Hands and Hearts. What a blessing it quickly became for us through their fabulous history kits. Because of the success we experienced with these kits and the other great products they offered, we frequented the site regularly and even began to follow their blog.

We have through Kate's blog followed this family on their amazing journey for awhile now. It's amazing to see how they handle the curve balls that have been thrown their way. I don't think we'd do as well as they have with the string of serious issues they've faced. None of what they have been hit with seems particularly fair. It's almost like they have a particularly large bulls-eye hovering over their heads.

Why would I say that? Here are 3 of the top reasons as to why I say it.

They have a young son named Noah who has a  mitochondrial disease. The future is very uncertain for him because of this rare disease. It will at some point claim his life. There have been numerous hospitalizations in the past and there will always be the potential for more in the future. Unfortunately that is just the nature of life with a mitochondrial disease. His mom quite literally has to drop everything else and rush him to the hospital and then stay with him for unknown lengths of time. The hospital that Noah must use is several miles away from the family home. Which adds another degree of stress to an already overloaded highly stressful moment.

Last spring, they were dealt a very nasty blow to their financial situation. The unreasonable CPSIA regulations temporarily forced them to stop their business. This created a tremendous hardship as their profitability took a major nosedive.

Before the CPSIA blow, Jeff had been out of work for many months because of being downsized. He's been unable to land another job that will give him the flexibility that is needed  in order to care for their other 7 children when Kate is at the hospital with Noah.

This family has a lot to juggle in a given day.Who doesn't you might say? But seriously stop a minute and think of what they face each day. There is  the normal daily living activities of meals, laundry, and keeping the home for a household of 10. That takes a good chunk of time. Then there is the schooling, running a family business that's been crippled by CPSIA, appointments that must be kept with different doctors, clinics, etc. and manage a lot of the medical care that Noah requires on a day to day basis. The last thing they need is the worry that they may lose their home because their savings is exhausted.

Please take a minute and consider what you can do for the Estes Family. If you can help with a donation, or a purchase through the special link. If it's just to pass on this special offer to others, if it's even just to take a minute and say a prayer or two. Please consider doing it.

Take a good look at the links sprinkled above. Contact the organizers of this event for verification if you need to. This is a very real situation that really does need help. So let us unite and ban together to help our neighbor who is in need.

 Again here is the link to how you can help this Incredible and Very special family homeschool-sale-help-estes-family-in-need

Thank You

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