Friday, January 8, 2010

Your 2009 Calendar: A Very Important Tool

The year 2010 is off to a fair but still young start. At only 8 days into the year, perhaps your turning your eyes from looking behind you at where you've been to the bright future that is now before you. Before you get too far forward in your thinking about the year ahead, have you taken your 2009 calendar and moved it forward to 2010? It could be very valuable for you tp do so. As your 2009 calendar really is a very valuable tool. How? you ask. Let me show you.
Before we get to far, I'd like you to take a look at last year.Then honestly answer the following questions.
  • How was your overall 2009 year? 
  • Did you have the success you wanted or was it a bit lack luster? 
  • Did you take steps in 2009 to grow your business?
  • Did you make any new contacts?
  • Did you start or follow a path  for your business?
  • Will you continue on that path during 2010?
  • Can you see your progress?
  • Was your calendar involved in this process?
If  you answer yes to the last question. Ask and answer how your calendar helped you.  If you answered that your not sure or  your hmmmmm.... right about now. Or aren't sure what I am talking about. Then read what Christie Northrup says about Keeping the Calendar.
Keep the Calendar
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 Don't you love looking at the fresh new pages of a calendar, either the tangible kind you hang on the wall or the electronic kind you carry around? Before you toss last year's calendar, do the TWIST and SAVE IT!
1. You'll be surprised at all the names of potential customers you have on the pages. How many times have you been at a party and a guest asks you to call in three months? You put her name on your calendar three months from that time and then did as she asked. Except she didn't answer. In fact, you called her three times with no answer.
So, call her again! If someone doesn't return my call (in fact, I don't even ask customers to do so), I assume she just can't connect with me at that time. In other words...she probably wants to talk to me, but has other priorities at the moment
2. Look at all the hosts' names on your calendar. These same people might want to rebook  a party in same month this year as they did last year. You'll create a professional impression when you can call your host and say, "Monica, can you believe it's been a year since your last party? I bet your friends are waiting for one this year."
3. Year-to-date-improvement. Rather than compare yourself with others, compare yourself against your personal performance from last year. If you see that your first party last year wasn't until March, decide now to hold your first party in February...or sooner.
Next week's article will give you more fun calendar TWISTS. Stay tuned and invite your friends to subscribe to my creative ideas by forwarding this article to them...
Now with Christie Northrups words in your ears, take another look at your calender from 2009.

Do you see where you record important contacts and information on those pages for your business? Have you transferred that information to another spot for easy access in 2010 or did you just leave it buried in the calender your about to toss out? Do you now see why it is a good idea to keep your 2009 calendar and use it as a tool to improve your 2010 year?

Several years ago I was able to listen to an audio presentation by Christie Northrup called "Connect Your Calendar to Your Checkbook". That was the start for me to use my calendar as a business tool. I know that by my implementing several of her strategies from that presentation it's had a positive impact on my business. I also realize that using my calendar has become very routine and dull. See I had forgotten the reason behind my battered and tattered #1 business tool. Reading the information in Keep Your Calendar has reminded me just why it's #1 for me.

That is why I believe I needed to share this information with you. Your 2009 calendar is a very important tool for your 2010 year. So please think about and consider your 2009 calendar before you toss it out and as you restock your business toolbox for this new year.

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