Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Thumbs Up: Tami-Essensu

Name of Consultant/Company: Tami, Essensu

Known Websites: ArtFire  The Holistic Diva Etsy

Date of Purchase: 3/17/10 

Where did the purchase take place (online, vendor fair, etc): ArtFire Studio 

Facts about the situation: I was fortunate to receive a sample of Tami's Dirty Dog shampoo. I have two dogs that require frequent baths and seemed to not be tolerating the commercial store bought shampoo we had tired. Because of the generous size of the sample I received, I was able to try it on both dogs. Since both dogs didn't display the same behavior of wanting to immediately roll in the dirt and were itching less, I felt confident in ordering more of her Dirty Dog shampoo. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find a Dirty Dog Grooming Set which contained both the Shampoo and Refreshing Doggie Spray in her studio. Because of how wonderful the shampoo was, I wasn't all concerned about how the refreshing spray might be.

Tami kept in touch with me every step of the way from order reception to shipping. The items were packed appropriately for shipment through the USPS. The items arrived in excellent condition and quickly. I had my order in two days. 

The shampoo did not disappoint. It works exactly as it did with the sample. The refreshing spray also doesn't disappoint. Because of the type of work these dogs do on a daily basis, it is nice to be able to keep them smelling fresh between their regular baths. Not once has anyone in the general public complained of the odor being too perfume heavy. This is a huge plus because that was a real issue with some of the commercial products we used in the past. Several have complimented the scent especially after a just spritzed situation.

Tami is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, and pleasant to do business with. I look forward to all future transactions and highly recommend her to others as her products are great.

Item Purchased:

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