Friday, October 28, 2011

Presenting: Vanilla Zen Silky Botanical Body Lotion by Essensu

Essensu has done it again. Just when I started to think that I couldn't find a better scent than her Lilac Bloom; along comes Vanilla Zen.

Here's what Tami of Essensu has to say about her Vanilla Zen skin-loving body lotion:

Our Vanilla Zen Silky Botanical Body Lotion is packed with moisturizing plant butters and oils which, soak right into thirsty skin. We include shea, soy and cocoa butters, and nourishing apricot oil to assure moisture is restored to your skin.

❥ Our Vanilla Zen is our own custom blend of a selection of the best smelling vanillas available, and is comprised of scent blends of: French vanilla, African vanilla, fresh, crisp vanilla beans, together with rich, buttery vanilla on a dry down of a sweet vanilla flower, with only a hint of musk.

❥ Further enhanced with botanical extracts such as aloe leaf, fennel and sage, in addition to wheat protein and vitamin E, assures your skin will be left soft, smooth and replenished.

❥ Vegan friendly.

❥ Long lasting moisture retention formula.

❥ No phthalate fragrance oil.

And here is what I have to say about it. Vanilla Zen is a very luxurious lotion. It glides on and doesn't leave a tacky feeling like some lotions can as it soaks into your skin. It leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling heavenly with a very relaxing vanilla scent. Anyone who loves Vanilla will be quite pleased with Essensu's Vanilla Zen scent. 

If your a luxury lotion, vanilla scent lover... then Vanilla Zen body lotion is a match made in heaven for you. I highly recommend this product and if you happen to be surrounded by others either at work or at the gym or at home or at a co-op or workshop or open house who happen to think Vanilla is a superb scent and love silky smooth hydrated skin...Make sure you buy more than one of this item... I'm serious. Learn from my lesson below.

I went to the annual open house for this years workshop to learn something new, for fellowship and to meet new friends. There's usually a light lunch and snacks served at various points throughout the day. I always help out with the clean up after this event and I always leave with my hands seriously dried out from the dish soap used. Not to mention the disinfecting stuff. So this time I came prepared with my bottle of Vanilla Zen. It worked like magic on my hands. The scent was intriguing to those around me. All the ones that like Vanilla were impressed with the long lasting, pleasant scent. Several insisted that I share the name of my perfume and wouldn't believe me when I said it wasn't perfume but my body lotion. Can you see where this is going? Well I showed the two who doubted me the bottle of Vanilla Zen body lotion. I even allowed them to try some to prove that it really was a lotion and not a perfume. Yep, that was the beginning of my misfortune. They loved it. And so they told their friends and pretty soon, I lost track of my bottle cause they just had to show so and so this amazing product. While I couldn't be sure where my bottle was exactly located, I could definitely tell from the wonderful smell of Vanilla Zen that started to waft through the air that others were enjoying it, too. By the time I tracked it down, it was nearly empty. I had just enough to use on my son's dry, itchy back from his having gone swimming earlier in the day. And this my dear friends and readers is why I encourage you to get yourself two. Then you'll always have a back up should others happen to want to take a sample of your luxurious Vanilla Zen body lotion so that they can have a Zen moment, too.


  1. It's always an honor when a customer writes such a glowing review of our products. Much gratitude. Thank you so much for your kind words. I do love it though! ~ essensu

  2. That sounds like you were lucky to get away with the bottle :)

    I love a good vanilla scent! I'll have to put it on my to try list.