Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ballad Of The Happy Christmas Wind

I am a happy Christmas wind;
I am courteous; I am kind.

I walked the way to Bethlehem town
Beside our Lady going down.

I know the inn she stood before;
I would have beaten down the door;

I thought on Mary and the Child;
I blew gently; I grew mild.

I ran ahead to find a house
To shelter Mary and her spouse.

I found a stable, loosed the door,
The cave they had been seeking for.

Because they had a place to bide
I was so glad, alone outside,

I ran across the hills for joy!
I waked a little shepherd boy,

And all the older shepherds stirred
At what they felt and what they heard

Of angel music, heavenly things!
I caught the song and gave it wings;

I ran across the midnight blue;
I ran across the ages, too;
I have it, have it here for you.

A Child is born for you again;
A Son is given,is given to men!
I am a singing wind. Amen.

Sister Mary Madeleva

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