Friday, December 11, 2009

Ode to Winter

Winter has come to visit us it seems. Maybe we will have a white Christmas after all. In honor of the beautiful snow

Winter Blessing

I looked out on a wonderland this morning:
Each branch and twig precisely etched with frost.
White filigree adorned the lamps and railings;
The windowpanes with new lace were embossed.

And as the sun peeped warmly from it's covers,
Then rose to touch each icy scene it found,
Bright jewels sparkled everywhere it ventured--
On frozen bush and spilled on snowy ground.

Each season offers some unique enjoyment.
The Spring brings green, and Summer has it's glow;
While Autumn covers woods and walks with colors.
But Winter gives us diamonds in the snow.

Evelynn Merilatt Boal

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