Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I love a good snowstorm, my dreams to inspire,
A nice wintry day to sit by the fire
And visit my book friends who so long I've neglected
Or write that letter someone has expected.

It's a find day to embroider, to mend, or to sew
And watch Mother Nature knit a blanket of snow.
Each flake is a stitch very dainty and light,
Transforming the earth with a blanket of white.

I don't know how many she knits or purls;
Sometimes the flakes come down in great swirls,
Covering the branches of each lovely tree,
Knitting a cover of lace filigree.

Each tiny flake of glistening white
Dances and sways like an elfin sprite.
A spectacle of beauty is each fencerow and ditch,
The blanket is perfect, though she dropped every stitch.

Gladys Manes Kidwell

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