Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's an Old Card Anyway?

Just look at this! It's quite a list!
I wonder, would one card be missed?
I surely can't take time to write
To all these folks! Besides, they might
Not ever think of me again-
That seems to be the way of men!
I think I'll send no more than six!
Then I'll have more time to fix
Some decorations and a tree
That's really beautiful to see.
I just can't rush around, I say,
And what's an old card anyway?

Oh, there's the mailman! Let me see!
Why, here's a card from Madge to me!
She says she often thinks of days
When we both rode in one-horse sleighs.
Ah yes, I too remember how;
But that, all that, is long gone now.

And here's a card from cousin Nell!
She says they're lonely, but all is well.
I haven't written once this year-
I should have though; she's such a dear.
And look at this card that's all in gold,
Expressing the words the angels told.
Ann says she hopes I'm truly blessed
With all that makes me happiest.

And who's this card from? Well, just look!
It's Sue! I see she even took
The time to say she baked a cake
Just like my mother used to make
At Christmastime! Well, bless her heart!
I guess it's time I got a start!
Now where's my pen and all those stamps?
I'm going to turn up all the lamps,
'Cause I have quite a lengthy list
And not one person shall be missed!

Phyllis C. Michael

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