Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Coming Christmastime

When you feel that bit of friendliness
Where before it wasn't found,
When you see a warmth within a smile
Where once there was a frown,
You know at once it's almost here,
It reflects in song and rhyme,
And love is felt throughout the world:
It's coming Christmastime.

When you're shoved and jostled in a crowd
And your patience grows quite thin,
Someone might whisper, "Pardon me,"
And you'll feel that glow again.
There's something magic happening,
No mistaking in the sign;
When folks begin to love again,
It's coming Christmastime.

You'd love to give to everyone
No matter what the cost.
You think of all the friends you've made
And regret the ones you've lost.
The wind is cold against your skin
Yet all is warm inside,
Because the world's in love again:
It's coming Christmastime.

Mary Reas

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