Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boston Cream Cake

4 eggs, separated
1 c sugar
4 T hot water
1 cup flour
1 t baking powder
1/8 t salt
1 t vanilla

Custard filling:
3 egg yolks
2 T flour
1 T cornstarch
½ cup confectioners sugar
2 c (500 ml) milk
2 T butter

Beat egg yolks and sugar until thick and light yellow colored. Add water and sifted dry ingredients. Stir in vanilla.
Beat egg whites until stiff. Fold into mixture.
Butter and flour two 8 inch cake tins Pour in cake mixture and bake in a 350°F (180°C) oven for twenty minutes. Cool
In the top of a double boiler, mix together the egg yolks, flour, cornstarch, sugar, milk and butter. Place over simmering water and cook, stirring constantly, until mixture is thick and smooth. Cool.
Spread custard between the two layers and sprinkle confectioners' sugar on top.

Serves 6-8

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